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Permaculture at Lily of the Valley Organic Farm, Part 2

Implementing Permaculture Desing: Building a Dam and Swale

On our last day in La Trinidad, my daughter and I returned to Lily of the Valley to see how my companion Andy’s work of building a dam and swale was coming along.

Upon our arrival in the mountains last month, Andy visited the farm and created a pro bono permaculture design for the owners, Jeff and Lisa: pillars in this farming community.

At the beginning of this week, he met with Jeff to discuss the implementation of the design and on Tuesday they began clearing, surveying, mapping, and digging.

Andy has designed a dam and swale system that will catch rain water as it runs down the mountain, which will provide a sustainable source of water for the farm.

The swale will run along the side of the mountain and connect to the dam. If water levels in the dam are lower than in the swale, the swale will spill over a side wall into the dam. However, if water levels get too high, the dam will empty into the swale and over a spill way to the river below without damaging any crops.


Three workers came to help dig and build the dam wall today



Now we can get some work done



This is where the swale will meet the dam


After helping use a bubble level to determine how high to build the spillway for the swale, my daughter and I returned to the farm’s bed & breakfast to lounge in her favorite room.

Our Stay at Lily of the Valley Bed & Breakfast


Teddy bear love



This is where I did my writing while my daughter played with the stuffed animals


We spent one night at Lily of the Valley, enjoying their cozy accommodations and deliciously healthy food. Every room is so peaceful.


A garden view from the main dining room



Quaint accommodations



Beautiful lofts



A reading nook

If you find yourself in Baguio or La Trinidad, there is really no reason not to visit Lily of the Valley. Whether it’s for a relaxing stay in the loft, a camping trip, or just to have a bite to eat and a look around the farm, you won’t regret stopping by.


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