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Wild Wild East

I'm on my third trip to Australia in a year's time and, finally, I've experienced some genuine wild-wild-east, sun-blazed-and-blistering, cattle-trading outback vibes. I ended up on a long-train-ride journey out of Sydney to a somewhat random town in cow country, NSW. Fine, it wasn't random. What is that to you, anonymous reader? The cover photo of… Continue reading Wild Wild East

Day Trips · Philippines

Day Trip to Lakes Pandin and Yambo

It's the morning of All Saint's Day; as Halloween revelers are stumbling home in a stupor at the break of dawn, I'm having a quick breakfast and getting ready to head out. I'll reference this article on day tours at Pandin Lake as that's where we got some basic information for the trip, plus give… Continue reading Day Trip to Lakes Pandin and Yambo